therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is one of our favorite physical therapy treatments at AHN. Massage goes hand and hand with chiropractic care and speeds up the healing process. While chiropractic works on the spine, massage therapy works on those muscle knots, trigger points and muscle spasms to help your body relax and decrease pain and tenderness. The combination of an adjustment and our 30 minute session with one of our licensed massage therapists is sure to make your day better!

physical therapy

At AHN, we offer many forms of physical therapy to compliment your chiropractic care at our practice. Ultrasound Therapy, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Core Exercise training, Stretching sessions, Cupping, Traction, Graston and other treatments are used to help reduce inflammation, increase circulation and stretch and strengthen your muscles. Our doctors create a specialized PT plan for your specific needs and include an ergonomic review of how you sit, sleep, lift and work to help decrease daily stress on your spine and muscles. It is amazing how much these sessions can help you feel your best and prevent further pain and injury.

physical therapy at advanced health of naperville