care for the whole person

At AHN, our doctors and staff look at way more than that headache you came in with or the sciatica that keeps popping up when you try to go on a run. We look at you as a whole person. We like to get to know you and find out what makes you tick. Do you have hobbies that you love? Did you just get engaged? Are you going through a divorce? Is your mom having health issues that you are worried about? Did your son just win an award? Life has so many ups and downs and at our practice we like to know more than what your physical pain is.

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12 elements of health

To do this, we look into things like your nutrition, your water intake, your stress levels, your ergonomics and are you really getting enough movement in your life? If you look at our 12 Elements of Health topics – let us know what we can help you with or if we can find a great resource for you!

While many patients seek out chiropractic care to help with a specific symptoms or health issue they are facing, other know that chiropractic is an incredible way to keep our bodies as healthy as can be. A great analogy is getting regular tune ups for your car. When your car is out of alignment, the tires can wear down unevenly and other problems can start. A rebalancing and an oil change go a long way in helping the car stay running optimally! For our bodies, our spines need the same type of care to keep our nervous system and all it controls running well. A chiropractic tune up on a regular basis helps keep our bodies in alignment, which decreases the chance of injury, increases the flow of cerebral spinal fluid (which supports a healthy nervous system), boosts our immune system that helps fight off flus and viruses and keeps that healthy pep in our step!

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Patients that regularly receive chiropractic care share with us that they don’t get sick as often, sleep better, have more energy and even miss less work or school than before they included adjustments into their lives. At AHN, we support patients through all phases of life, from prenatal care when a mom is pregnant, to newborn check ups, to young athletes, through the adult years and all the way up to those looking to live retirement to the fullest! So when someone chooses chiropractic, it isn’t always for neck and back pain, it is to live a life of health, movement and vitality!