The spine is the “house” to our nervous system, enclosing it and protecting it. Your nervous system is important because it controls every function of the body! Your nerves send messages to the brain and vice versa. For example, when you touch a hot stove, the nerves send a message from your hand to your brain signaling pain. When there are misalignments of the spine, inflammation occurs which can put pressure on the different nerves. This pressure prevents our nerves from functioning at 100%. This is why keeping our spines in alignment is so very important! As chiropractors, we correct the misalignments along the spine that are causing the inflammation and symptoms.

Where does massage come into play? When the body senses potential damage to the spine, the muscles that connect to the spine will lock up in an effort to protect it. This can cause pain and inflammation, as well as reduced range of motion. Enter: massage! Massages are excellent at calming down and relaxing the muscles so that we can adjust the spine. There have been times at our office when we suggest one or two massages even before adjusting the spine.

Many times the combination of massage and adjustment is the missing part of the puzzle that patients need to help with their pain. Aside from the benefits that we mentioned above, massages are excellent at stress reduction, improving range of motion, and so much more.

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