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Who We Help – Chiropractic, Massage & Wellness Services

You probably know that chiropractic and massage is great for treating back pain, but there are many more conditions that benefit from our treatments. Here are some of the services we provide to help people live happy, healthy lives. together with a few success stories from patients of all ages.

Expecting Mothers

Chiropractic and massage can help with a range of pregnancy issues, including keeping your pelvic bones in the best position during your pregnancy. We adapt all of our adjustments and massage treatments for expecting mothers.


  • Pregnancy Massage
  • New-born Adjustments
  • Pregnancy Recovery


Gentle and pain-free adjustments help to improve a baby’s alignment, which can help with a range of issues including acid reflux, colic, digestion and nursing.

I had my heart set on breastfeeding my newest little baby boy, when he was born, however, things weren’t so smooth going. Our nursing relationship was not textbook perfect!! He had a tongue and lip tie and also had difficulty nursing on my right breast! I tried everything, I visited with several Lactation consultants, tried every nursing position under the son and even got the tongue/lip tie procedure…still wasn’t nursing well on my right side!
I was just about ready to give up but then I called one last Lactation consultant and she gave me Dr. Cathy Subber’s contact information and said to call her immediately. She spoke very highly of her and her technique (Cranial Sacral work). I figured I had nothing to lose, so I made an appointment and I was amazed. My son was nursing like a champ on my right side after only one visit with Dr. Subber.
Not only did she give me hope to continue nursing my newest little one, she was kind, and she really listened to me and my concerns. A truly good practitioner listens to their patients and makes them feel like their concerns are valid, and then treats the whole person…she’s all that, and we will be regulars at her practice. Thank you Dr. Cathy for saving our nursing relationship!”

We Treat

  • Colic
  • Acid Reflux
  • Sleep Issues


A trip to the chiropractor isn’t every mom’s first thought….but many times it should be. Neck spasms, sprained ankles, constipation, nursing/feeding issues, uneven hips/shoulders, scoliosis screenings, headaches, sinus issues, etc. So many things we can help with! And it is more gentle than you think, especially the cranial adjustment we do. And yes…we even do the occasional doll or teddy bear adjustment!

My son had always been food-adverse. What we chalked up to being a picky eater continued to grow worse as he moved into preschool. For example, on his trial day at his preschool, he was offered Bunny Grahams with the other kids for snack, which prompted him to vomit all over the table in front of him. After 2 years of a diet of frozen waffles, chicken nuggets and yogurt, we had his tonsils removed. That helped his sleeping habits but didn’t do much for his diet. Complaining of growing pains since he was 3 years old, we sought Dr. Cathy’s help. In reviewing my son’s habits of chronic vomiting (just from smelling something he didn’t like), gagging, and limited diet, Dr. Cathy recommended a cranial adjustment. Willing to try anything to have a kid who could enter the kitchen when I was cooking, I consented. Within weeks, we noticed a change in him. He started trying new foods (including some basics like rice and sandwiches), stopped gagging and has all but ceased vomiting. He is now able to sleep through the night, his headaches have disappeared and he grew more engaged at school. What used to be a weekly occurrence of vomiting has not happened in over 10 months! Not only can my son enter the kitchen when I am cooking, but his new aspiration is to learn how to cook and be on Masterchef Jr! He has ASKED for salad, loves chili and has a favorite ethnic cuisine: East Asian. All from the kid who couldn’t even look at rice just a year ago! Now he is just a regular picky kid who doesn’t want to (but CAN) eat his vegetables!

I just want to take a moment to personally speak on what Dr. Cathy Subber has done for my son! We started taking my son to Dr. Cathy when he was about 4 months old. We were having trouble sleeping through the night, and had severe reflux. Additionally, he had a very mild case of torticollis. After about 2 visits/adjustments, he was sleeping 6-8 hour stretches. After about a month, we were sleeping though the night, and was off the reflux meds! After about 2 months, still going strong, his torticollis was subsiding. I was honestly skeptical about how adjustments really affected the brain and digestive system, but there is definitely something to this “Chiropractic Magic” hahahaha! Thank you Dr. Cathy, for your gentle, yet amazing hands that gave great medical attention to my baby!!!! Cant wait to take him back to you for his next appointment! Thank you for also saving my “Mommy sanity”!

We Treat

  • Eating Issues
  • Bedwetting
  • Asthma reflief


Chiropractic and Physical Therapy is often used to help people get out of pain and feel better after an injury, but it’s also a great tool to help prevent injuries in the first place. Regular adjustments and physical therapy can help improve muscle strength and flexibility, which will help athletes of all ages reach peak performance.

I LOVE this place! As a teacher, a yoga teacher and a professional dancer I needed somewhere to go that understood athletes. Bingo! This is the place. Amazing and knowledgable staff. It feels like home each time I walk in. The doctors really care about your health and progress. You deserve to feel great. This is a leader in preventive health care.


  • Injury Recovery
  • Improved Mobility
  • Greater Flexibility


Everyone hopes that if they hurt their back it’s from doing something heroic, like rescuing a kitten from a burning building, but in reality something as simple as a sneeze can throw your back out! No matter what caused your back pain – we’ll treat it. We also offer speciality services such as lymphatic drainage massage which improves the immune function and increases healing post cosmetic or orthopedic surgery. In addition, we offer cranial adjustments that help a wide variety of other conditions like dizziness, sinus/ear congestion, Bell’s Palsy, TMJ, headaches and more.

I had been having some back pain and a close friend recommended Advanced Health. I met Dr. Cathy and she was very courteous and very friendly. She explained how a simple adjustment would help with my back pain. I was adjusted and I walked out of there with much relief and no pain. I thought it was great. I decided to go back for a follow up adjustment and received therapies from Rosie. She was very funny yet very professional. After two visits, my back pain never returned. That was about two years ago. I somehow keep getting hurt (shoulder, knee, ankle, headache) and I can always count on Dr. Cathy to take care of me. My wife also is a frequent client as she loves to get massages. Recently, Dr. Cathy has added two personal trainers to compliment her many services. Well, I recently injured my shoulder and have been receiving therapy along with strengthening exercise and I’m feeling so much better. Thank you Dr. Cathy. I can not only count on you fixing me up, but also a good laugh.

We Treat

  • Back Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Migraines

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