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Meet Our Doctors

Dr Cathy Subber

Dr. Cathy Subber has been a fan of chiropractic care since her springboard diving accident in 1990. Chiropractic care helped her overcome her injury and started her down the path of helping others. A native of Clinton, New Jersey, Dr. Cathy attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. In 1999, not long after graduation, she moved to Naperville, Illinois. There she opened Advanced Health of Naperville — providing care for all ages, including chiropractic adjustments, cranial adjustments, physical therapy and massage therapy.

Dr. Cathy provides both pediatric and adult chiropractic care and is one of the only doctors in the area trained for upper palate and cranial adjustments. These adjustments are beneficial from issues ranging from nursing/feeding challenges, colic, torticollis, ear/sinus issues and reflux in babies to TMJ, dizziness, headaches, sinus congestion and ear issues in adults.

Dr. Cathy is also the founder of The Branch, a community where moms connect to empower and engage with each other. Learn more at

Dr Pat, Naperville Chiropractor

Dr. Patrick McAndrews grew up listening to the stories of his father and grandfather, both chiropractors, about how they changed the lives of their patients. Dr. Pat always knew he wanted to be a chiropractor and never considered another career.

A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Pat loves being able to live out the same kind of stories he heard growing up – the ability to help patients find relief and be their best physical selves. He still finds it amazing that something that seems so simple to him can provide such dramatic impact to patients. And his patients are the best part of his job.

Dr. Pat and his wife have eight children, three boys and five girls. With the boys out on their own and all the girls in college, Dr. Pat finds himself with a little more free time, so he and his wife, Vicki, are learning West Coast Swing dancing.

Dr Claire Tambellini

Dr. Claire Tambellini is the newest chiropractor at AHN. A recent graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Claire is no stranger to AHN. She completed her internship at the clinic in early 2019. She enjoyed her internship experience with the staff and patients so much, she knew she wanted to be a permanent part of AHN.

Dr. Claire appreciates relieving pain by treating patients through natural processes. She has trained under Dr. Cathy in cranial adjustments and loves seeing pediatric patients.

Dr. Claire believes there is nothing greater than hearing patients say they are pain free. She also loves working at AHN because every patient is greeted with a smile and treated like family. This caring atmosphere is what makes AHN special.

Meet Our Staff

Allison Dzierzanowski practice manager of Advanced Health of Naperville

On staff since 2011, Allison Dzierzanowski started out helping patients with physical therapy and rehab. After a couple of years, Allison became practice manager, working with patients and staff to keep things moving and ensure patient needs are being met. As an energetic mom of twins, she knows what it takes to organize and manage. Allison’s friendly voice is the one patients hear when calling to schedule appointments, and her fun-loving personality is apparent to everyone who visits AHN.

For Allison, coming to the practice each day isn’t really “work.” She believes the family atmosphere and caring nature of the doctors and staff make AHN the best place for health and wellness.

Dena DeVore, Massage Therapist at Advanced Health Naperville

Being healthy and fit is Dena DeVore’s motivation. A graduate of the Arizona School of Integrative Studies, Dena has been a part of AHN since 2013, helping her patients get and stay healthy. Meeting patients where they are in their self-care journey and encouraging them to follow a healthy lifestyle is the best part of her job.

Dena’s commitment to fitness is not limited to her patients at AHN. As a CrossFit trainer, coach and instructor, Dena understands what it takes to keep her own body healthy. She enjoys sharing fitness information with her patients, helping motivate them to reach their goals.

Aimee English, massage therapist at Advanced Health Naperville

A native of Naperville, Aimee English has been on staff since 2011, the year she graduated from massage therapy school. Aimee enjoys seeing her patients and prides herself on the fact they are excited to see her. Helping patients reduce stress, reduce pain and recover from injuries motivates Aimee every day. She believes the relaxing environment and sincere desire of the staff to help their patients set AHN apart.

When Aimee is not helping patients, she loves spending time with her fiancé and teenage children. Family time is important, and they enjoy lake life when they can escape to their Michigan lake house.

Trayce Reyes, Massage Therapist at Advanced Health of Naperville

Helping people feel better and be their best is what drives Trayce Reyes each day. She knows firsthand how beneficial massage and chiropractic care can be. After an injury, she used these practices to aid in her recovery. Based on her personal experience, knowing she can use a holistic approach to help a patient go from pain to a smile makes her work worthwhile.

As the newest massage therapist on the team, Trayce has been impressed with the entire staff’s respect for each other and their shared goal of quality patient service. She is excited to be a part of a team that gives 100% of its talent and knowledge to each and every patient.

Missy Garza, Massage Therapist at Advanced Health of Naperville

A passion for how the human body functions and heals led Missy Garza to pursue a career in massage therapy. Sharing the healing properties of touch therapy and educating patients about how they can take better care of their bodies are her favorite parts of her job.

Missy believes the fun and caring atmosphere of AHN keeps her patients coming back. She has been on staff since 2017 and has come to see AHN as a family ‒ and the patients are a large part of it.

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