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What’s Happening at Advanced Health of Naperville

Advanced Health Naperville is not just your average Naperville chiropractor, as well as providing a range of health services we are very active in the community and take part in a variety of charity, fitness and community events – all part of our effort to provide a new experience in chiropractic care.

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1 year ago
This 2-Minute Cartoon Teaches Infant CPR And Should Be Shared With Every Parent You Know

Please feel free to share this!

A new video uses nursery rhyme characters and a catchy song to teach parents how to perform infant CPR.

1 year ago

Happy to chat about a more natural approach! An adjustment & massage may just be what the doctor ordered!

6303558988 ... See more

1 year ago

Hi everyone! With the extremely cold temperatures that are coming our way, our office will be closed on Wednesday, ... See more

1 year ago
Pretty 52

Awesome! Put the screens down and start dancing!

I wish my head teacher was like this ????

1 year ago


It is never too early to start signing to your baby, even if she is a micropreemie. This deaf dad is signing to his ... See more

1 year ago
Interesting Thing

Everyone needs massage!!

Massage Therapy ????????????

1 year ago

So beautiful!!!

This artist at Forest Ceramic Co. creates porcelain pieces that reveal a secret with each carve ???? Via In The ... See more

1 year ago

Morning! Our office is going to be closed this morning due to the snowstorm. Our phones and Internet are still not ... See more

1 year ago

Hi everyone! Currently Comcast is having an outage with our phone and internet. We do not know when it will be ... See more

1 year ago
Still Laughing

Some people seem surprised when they see me adjusting babies and kids at my practice. This is one of the reasons why. ... See more

And down will come baby...

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